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FLOOR TYPE BORING CENTER Travelling column machine with hidrostatic guiding for unsurpassed accuracy The MP travelling column boring center is at the pinnacle of the JUARISTI series. Unbeatable results, guarantee of the highest precision and very high machining power thanks to hydrostatic technology. Designed to meet the demands of the most complex, critical parts down to the last millimetre over a long service life. The hydrostatic guiding allows extraordinarily smooth movements. The triple automatic compensation system seamlessly blends with the hydrostatic technology, taking the stability of the entire system to the next level. This floor type boring center guarantees maximum rigidity in the heaviest machining jobs. Premium solution with the best available technologies. Unbeatable cutting capacity. Extremely smooth movements and perfect finishes. Long service life due to reduced vibrations. Hydrostatic guiding on all axes, with wide hardened and ground guides. RAM triple compensation system: column verticality, head + RAM centre of gravity and RAM straightness. Fully enclosed RAM with 4-sided hydrostatic guiding, made of ground cast iron. Long travel on all axes(40,000 – 10,000 – 3,400 mm X, Y, Z+W). Universal head ACD 1º x 1º | 0.001º x 0.001º | 37 kW | 6,000 min-1 | 60 kW | 3,000 Nm. Angular head 1º | 60 kW | 4,000 Nm. AOD Orthogonal Head 1º x 1º | 46 kW | 5,000 min-1 | 60 kW | 2,500 Nm. 1 or 2 axes continuous rotation head 6,000 min-1 / 15,000 min-1. Facing head of up to 2,000 mm. Rotary tables with up to 180 tonne capacity, which enable large, complex pieces to be machined in a single clamping. Rotary tables from 1,000 x 1,000 to 5,000 x 6,000 mm with 1 or 2 CNC axes. ATC– Automatic tool changer chain-type or robot-type (up to 160 and 500 tools respectively). Head magazines with up to 10 automatic change positions. Wear-free precision thanks to the spindle transmission system with cooled gearbox. High spindle torque due to optimised structural design and oversized gears: more than 20,000 Nm. Main motor power 100 kW.


X – longitudinal columnmm
Y – vertical headmm
Z – cross rammm
Ram sectionmm
Boring bar diametermm
W- axial boring barmm
Spindle powerkW
Spindle speedmin-1
Spindle torqueNm
X, y, z, wm/min