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FLOOR TYPE MILLING MACHINE WITH CENTRAL HEAD Traveling column machine with exclusive design to improve performance The MX series is a premium solution featuring precision, rigidity and elevated dynamics, the result of more than 20 years of experience in designing this series. The “box-in-box” concept introduced by JUARISTI for the first time on this type of machine, with a symmetrical column and completely closed central head, provides the machine with optimum rigidity, accuracy and dynamics. Maximum precision thanks to the box-in-box design. Thermo-symmetric structure. High dynamics (up to 30 m/min). Vertical head travel and RAM four-side guided. Multiple multitasking options. Reduced thermal deformation thanks to the thermo-symmetric column’s and central head’s design. Ergonomic operator platform with three independent movements in X-Y-Z directions. Machining up to 7 m high, 5 m wide parts. Universal head ACD 60 kW Torque 2, 900 Nm – 3, 500 min-1| 40 kW Torque 1, 300 Nm – 6, 000 min-1. AV 4 Vertical Automatic Head 1ºx1º 60 kW 3,800 Nm 3,500 min-1. AOD Orthogonal Head 40 kW | 1,300 Nm | 5,000 min-1 | 60 kW | 2,900 Nm | 3,500 min-1. Rotary tables with 8 to 180 tonne capacity with up to 5,000 x 6,000 mm surface area. Can be supplied with turning and tilting table. Double real-time geometrical compensation of the head + RAM centre of gravity and RAM flexion. Compatible with a wide range of automation systems (head and tool changer, measuring probes, etc.). ATC– Automatic Tool Changer (30-120 positions for chain type and 400 positions for robot type). Head/accessory magazines with up to 10 automatic change positions. High machining power and efficient thanks to the closed Column-Headstock design and four-sided guided RAM. High performance due to powerful, cooled gearbox transmission. High power (40 and 96 kW) and high machining torque (1,300 to 8,650 Nm).


X – longitudinal columnmm
Y – vertical headmm
Z – cross rammm
Ram sectionmm
Fixed horizontal headmm
Head powerkW
Rotation speedmin-1
X, y, z, wm/min