VEGA 650X650

VEGA 650X650

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VEGA 650x650 is a new generation automatic band saw machine. The double column machine is desgined with ergonomic details and technical solutions applied in consideration of user safety and comfort. Linear guideways on the machine have two servo moving vices provide perfect cutting precision. Besides, its cast bodies provide perfect cutting by reducing the vibration during cutting. 7,5 kW high torque main motor prevents loss of torque in either low or high frequency. The machine has 10.1” PLC control panel, in this way the operator can adjusts all parameters on the screen. After the length of the cut material and the amount of pieces to be cut are entered on the PLC control panel, the machine automatically adjusts the length to be cut with the help of an encoder and cuts in the amount entered. Feeder vices drive the material according to the set size automatically. 20 different cutting sizes can be entered on the screen. 50 different work lists can be saved to the control panel and saved work list can be used at any time.


Main motor10 HP
GearboxBevel Helical PKD 3390 High Efficiency
Hydraulic motor2 HP
Coolant motor1/3 HP
Conveyor motor1/2 HP
Swarf brush motor1/3 HP
Material feeding stroke1 HP (Multi Indexing)
Servo feeder motor1 HP, 3.000 rpm
Bow servo motor1 HP, 3.000 rpm
Blade speed98-460 fpm
Blade dimensions20' 1/6" x 1.6" x 18" Gauges
Machine weight8.400 lbs
Machine dimensions6'6¾" x 12' 7.6" x 7'1"