OSA 300x370 ENC

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OSA 300X370 ENC model is an automatic band saw machine with pivot type body design. The Machine is designed for straight cutting. Hydraulic vises are controlled automatically. After the length of the cut material and the amount of pieces to be cut are entered on the ENC control panel, the machine automatically adjusts the length to be cut with the help of an encoder and cuts in the amount entered. Feeder vices drive the material according to the set size automatically. 20 different cutting sizes can be entered on the screen. It is ideal for users who want to make serial cuts in different lengths.


Main motor3 HP
Hydraulic motor1/2 HP
Hydraulic tank capacity8 Liters
Coolant motor1/6 HP
Coolant tank capacity25 liters
Conveyor motor1/6 HP
Blade speed82 – 295 fpm
Blade dimensions12' 7 ½'' x 1'' x 20'' Gauges
Machine weight1.984 lbs
Machine dimensions48'' x 77'' x 51''
Table height28 ¾''